Director and Screenplay Romed Wyder

Cast Pascale Vachoux, Daniel Monnard

Cinematography Hans Schürmann Sound Richard Vetterli Editing Romed Wyder Music René Giger Art direction Caroline Gut Choreography Emilio Artessero Quesada Assistant director Maria Watzlawick Assistant producer Kate Reidy

Production Paradigma Films, Haute école d’art et de design (Genève)

ISAN 0000-0000-D7DA-0000-I-0000-0000-K

Fiction – 21 min. – Switzerland – 1996


In the mountains, Helen leaves his friend. Released, she sees the world with new eyes. It’s like a dream. But finally, she doesn’t dare to cross the decisive point and the experience becomes excursion limited in time.


Festival International du film de Locarno


Prime du fonds cantonal de décoration et d’art visuel, Genève


Locarno, Geneva, Lodz, Trieste, Solothurn, Trento, Diableres, Kiev