Ménagerie intérieur

Director Nadège de Benoit Luthy

Screenplay Nadège de Benoit Luthy, Nicole Borgeat

Cast Laetitia Spigarelli, Christian Geffroy Schlittler, Renan Carteaux, Jean-Marc Morel

Camera Marion Koch Light Cédric Russo Sound Marc Engels Editing Marie Chaduc Mixer Gabriel Hafner Art direction Sabine Crausaz Costumes Tania D’Ambrogio Line producer Romed Wyder Location manager Mariangela Galvao Tresch Assistant director Florian Burion

Production Paradigma Films, Kazak Productions, Radio Télévision Suisse

ISAN 0000-0001-946A-0000-F-0000-0000-T

fiction – 18 min. – Switzerland / France – 2007


Béatrice, 23 years old, is trying to find her place in the world. Caught between a boss both arrogant and cynical, parents who are stifling and overly nice, and a boyfriend she can’t seem to trust, she has no choice: hell, time to grow up! Reveal herself, be herself, assert herself… but it is going to hurt!


Grand prix Images’06 Vevey

Prix « Cinema e Gioventù » Locarno



Vevey, Angers, Solothurn, Locarno, Silhouette, CTE Genève, Ismir, Amiens, Bucarest, Sétif, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Trieste