Une histoire provisoire

Director Romed Wyder

Screenplay Nasim Ahmadpour, Romed Wyder

Cast Felipe Castro, Pooneh Hajimohammadi, Elísabet Johannesdóttir, Maimouna Kone, Sophie Mousel

Director of photography Ram Shweky Editing Pia Dumont Sound Patrick Becker Mixing Dominik Avenwedde Music Bernard Trontin Art director Christina Schaffer Costumes Magdalena Labuz Make-up Sandrine Monnerie Line producers Jean-Marie Gindraux, Karoline Maes Assistant director Sonia Rossier

Production Paradigma Films, Milan Film, Amour Fou Luxembourg, Radio Télévision Suisse / SSR SRG

ISAN 0000-0004-A909-0000-T-0000-0000-O

fiction – 85 min. – Switzerland / Luxembourg – 2022


An Iranian woman and a Swiss man rent a room in the same Airbnb. She doesn’t want to get to know him, puts on a headscarf and thus uses the Western prejudices in her favour.

That wasn’t really necessary, because he doesn’t want to get to know her either…

The film humorously plays with the prejudices, misunderstandings and life crises of the protagonists. Despite the cultural differences, what connects people is stronger than what separates them.


Press quotes

Undeniably sensitive, a true mastery of film art.

– Le Temps, Antoine Duplan

A finely described story where the smallest detail is significant.

– Ciné-feuilles, Sabina Schwob

A quirky, warm and seductive film.

– Sennhausers Filmblog

A moving romantic encounter behind closed doors.

– Le Courrier, Mathieu Loewer

Pooneh Hajimohammadi and Felipe Castro excel with their natural and minimalist playing.

– La Tribune de Genève, Pascal Gavillet

A film about crises and how to overcome them. And how to rediscover the desire (of life).

– RTS La première, Anne Laure Gannac


Best fiction feature – One country one film
Quartz to Giles Foreman for his work as actor coach



Solothurn Film Festival – Prix du Public Nomination



Solothurn, Luxembourg, Zurich, Sudbury, Batumi, San Francisco, Syracuse, Salenro, Phoenix, Apchat-Issoire, Palm Beach